Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk Open Job Teller

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. was established in 1956. Bank Danamon's name comes from the word "Monetary Fund" and was first used in 1976, when the company changed its name from Copra. In 1988, the Bank of Indonesia unveiled banking reform package known as "package October 1988" or PAKTO 88. The main purpose of PAKTO 88 is to establish competition in the banking sector by providing amenity requirements, including liberalization of the rules on the establishment of new domestic private banks and joint-venture banks. As a result of this reform, Bank Danamon became one of the first foreign exchange bank in Indonesia, and became a publicly traded company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Requirements :

  • At least graduated D3/S1 or are completing the last semester
  • A minimum 2.75 Cumulative IP (scale 4.00)
  • Age between 20-25 years
  • Look neat, attractive, with height and weight are proportionate
  • Love the work associated with the number and detail-oriented
  • Able to work quickly and thoroughly
  • Love the work that is routine and regular
  • Have the ability to communicate well
  • Love field service and shows a desire to establish a broad partnership
  • Able to operate computer MS Office program at least
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Bank Commonwealth Relationship Manager

Bank Commonwealth Relationship Manager
Bank Commonwealth Relationship Manager
Bank Commonwealth is a financial institution in the field of banking and financial services. Commonwealth Bank is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia based in Sydney and is the largest integrated financial services provider in Australia. The presence of Commonwealth Bank Indonesia is part of a long-term strategy at Commonwealth Bank of Australia to develop its business up to Pasifk Asia, particularly in Indonesia and China. In Indonesia alone, is marked by the opening of a representative office of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 1990. On this occasion we invite you to fill the following positions.


    Minimum bachelor degree from any major
    Minimum 5 years experience
    Excellent selling and networking skills
    Excellent communication and presentation skills
    PC literate, high integrity, risk focus and attention to detail
    Highly motivated, discipline and able to work under pressure with minimum supervision
    provicient in written and spoken english

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Bank Andara Head Of Treasury Division

Bank Andara Head Of Treasury Division
Bank Andara
Bank Andara The microfinance sector in Indonesia is one of the largest in the world with approximately 50,000 to microfinance institutions (MFIs) serving more than 40 million people. Nevertheless, an estimated 50 million current residents still do not have access to financial services and nearly half of that number living with an income below US $ 2 per day. The microfinance industry in Indonesia is dominated by microfinance institutions (MFIs) are small, the average serve less than 10,000 active clients through granting of individual loans, the funding was obtained mainly from customer deposits. The MFI sector covering the various types of institution belong to private and public property, ranging from commercial banks and rural banks cooperatives and institutions belonging to the village.

  • Minimum of Bachelor's Degree graduates of top universities.
  • Has the work experience of banking at least 12 years, including experience as the head of Treasury Division of public bank for 5 years.
  • Master in banking legislation provisions specifically related to the management of unit trusts as well as public bank's assets and liabilities, including having a certification as a bond trader (fixed income dealer) and certification in the field of risk management banking at least level 3.
  • Have the ability to communicate in the language of the United Kingdom actively.
  • Able to operate software applications Microsoft Office and other applications related to Treasury management of commercial banks.

Bank UOB Corporate Channel Officer

Bank UOB Indonesia is a company in the form of a limited liability company and engaged in the banking financial services. The Bank was originally named "Bank Buana Indonesia" and founded in 1956. The company changed its name to "Bank UOB Buana" in 2008 because the shares were bought by UOB, a banking company of Singapore.  With the majority of the shares of UOB then goes to the company that originally listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange's proposed voluntary delisting is and go private in 2008. In 2011, "the Bank UOB Buana" renamed to "Bank UOB Indonesia". We opened up jobs for the following positions.

Bank UOB Corporate Channel Officer
Bank UOB Corporate

    22-28 years of age
    Minimum Education D3/S1
    Preferred domicile: Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Utara
    Target Orientation
    Communicative, Supel, Creative, Attractive appearance
    Able to work individually and team
    Good attitude

 Please submit your cover letter to the following email address :

Bank Mega Relationship Manager

Bank Mega Banking Relationship Manager
PT. Bank Mega Tbk
Bank Mega Tbk with the motto "Mega your destination" growing by leaps and bounds and controlled as well as being a well-known financial institution that is able to be compared with the leading banks in the Asia-Pacific region and has earned numerous awards and achievements both at the level of national, regional and international level. In an attempt to realize the performance according to the name that he carried, PT. Bank Mega Tbk.  stick to the principles of professionalism, openness and prudence with a strong capital structure as well as current banking facilities and products. We opened up jobs for the following positions.

 Retail Banking Relationship Manager (RBRM)


    Maximum age 30 years
    Minimum Bachelor degree education
    Have a minimum of 1 year experience in the field of credit
    Has the ability to manufacture & analysis of credit proposals
    Targeted and willing to have extensive Netwok

 If you are interested, please send your application to the following address.
Bank Mega - HR Regional
  Jl. Kapten Maulana Lubis No. 11
  Lantai 5, Medan 20112