Guide and tips on finding work safely online

Guide and tips on finding work safely online

We want to share with you some information and tips on ways to make your online job search can be a safe experience .

Beware of deceptive job advertisements . This kind of advertising appearing occasionally on the job site , entered by people who are not honest with the aim of seeking a quick buck from the inexperienced job seekers . While always try to ensure that job ads on our site is correct and postings are not deceptive , fraudulent advertising as it can sometimes remain contained . When we look at the scams that violate our Advertisement Policy , we will quickly remove it ..

You have to be careful of job advertisements that :

  1. Ask you to pay money before processing your application or provide training to you ;
  2. Invite your interview , which then turned into a multi - level marketing or pyramid selling schemes ;
  3. Abusing your resume information to sell products ( such as insurance , etc. ) or make offers that are not related to advertised vacancies ;
  4. Generally not true , dubious or misleading ( misalnyajudul vacancies , job description or company description confusing / misleading ) , or
  5. Using a web-based email with general address , not the email addresses belonging to the company .

In addition , we let you know that will never send an email that requires you to download and / or install the software , tools or utilities whatsoever . Lastly, do not ever give membership username and password JobStreet you to anyone, even if the request appears to come from an email with a address . We will never ask for your password from our members .

You can take on the role as a conduit of information if you suspect that a fraud may be taking place . If you see such email or advertisement on , please let us know in , by giving the company name and the title of the position / job ads, and we will investigate.

While we will always try to take appropriate action whenever possible , can not be responsible for any acts of fraud committed fraud or a company that abused our Terms of Use .