Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk Open Job Teller

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. was established in 1956. Bank Danamon's name comes from the word "Monetary Fund" and was first used in 1976, when the company changed its name from Copra. In 1988, the Bank of Indonesia unveiled banking reform package known as "package October 1988" or PAKTO 88. The main purpose of PAKTO 88 is to establish competition in the banking sector by providing amenity requirements, including liberalization of the rules on the establishment of new domestic private banks and joint-venture banks. As a result of this reform, Bank Danamon became one of the first foreign exchange bank in Indonesia, and became a publicly traded company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Requirements :

  • At least graduated D3/S1 or are completing the last semester
  • A minimum 2.75 Cumulative IP (scale 4.00)
  • Age between 20-25 years
  • Look neat, attractive, with height and weight are proportionate
  • Love the work associated with the number and detail-oriented
  • Able to work quickly and thoroughly
  • Love the work that is routine and regular
  • Have the ability to communicate well
  • Love field service and shows a desire to establish a broad partnership
  • Able to operate computer MS Office program at least
 Should you interested, please apply at the Open Bank Dananmon REGISTER