Bank OCBC NISP Commercial Business

Bank OCBC NISP (formerly known as Bank NISP) is the fourth oldest bank in Indonesia, which was established on April 4, 1941 in London under the name of NV Nederlandsch Indische Spaar En Deposit Bank. Bank OCBC NISP later developed into a solid and reliable bank, primarily serving the segment of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Bank OCBC NISP officially became a commercial bank in 1967, foreign exchange bank in 1990 and became a public company in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1994. This initiative allows the Bank recorded a high growth. With the support of OCBC Bank-Singapore, Bank OCBC NISP has set an aggressive program to strengthen the infrastructure, including human resources, information technology and office networks. We invite the young candidates to join us in the following position.

Bank OCBC NISP Commercial Business
Commercial Business RM

  • Education Department sun S1 all.
  • Age max 31 years of experience as banks.
  • have Marketing Communication skills and Persuasive that both.
  • have the ability analysis and self-confident that both.
  • Have networking a broad oriented to target For placement in Pontianak
For these sections information job vacancy that other him and how to apply, please follow this link.